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Long-Lasting and Safe Lip Fillers Bali

Are you are looking for the best lip fillers Bali can offer? You need to look no further since we at ARC Anti-aging Beauty Clinics Bali have substantial experience in all cosmetic and anti-aging procedures, that include lip augmentation, treatment of wrinkles, ‘smile lines’, furrows and scars on the face. We would be glad to welcome you as one of our numerous happy clients and present you with a service that is tailor-made in line with your personal needs and desires.

Our team consists of well-trained and experienced English-speaking doctors and nurses, who will make your well-being their top priority. Our certified products and equipment are a guarantee of the excellent final results that you are going to enjoy long after you step out of our modern clinic in Kuta, Bali.

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Lip Fillers Bali Price: High Quality and Affordable Prices

Here at ARC Anti-aging Beauty Clinics, we offer the most competitive lip fillers Bali price on the island, while still using the latest available products and technology so we can guarantee long-lasting results from all procedures. Not only are our rates much lower than what other cosmetic medical facilities in Singapore, the USA and Australia, for example charge but we also have special packages and additional discounts for Airline cabin crew.

In addition, as a result of the highest quality of the product that we use as a lip filler Aquamid®, it takes at least seven years for its effect to wear out. This is a great result from a financial perspective as well since it means you won’t need to pay for follow-up treatment any sooner.

As a complement to our clients, your first consultation is free of charge and there is no obligation to proceed whatsoever. Come to our clinic located on the Sunset Road and meet our internationally-educated doctors and friendly nurses.

Pro Tip: When you visit a medical facility in Bali for cosmetic or anti-aging procedures, choose only products that are either FDA (USA), UE (Europe) or TGA (Australia) approved.

Our anti-aging and cosmetic treatments are delivered by experienced cosmetic physicians and nurses with professionalism, leading-edge technology and the utmost highest level of hygiene. High-quality products, state-of-the-art equipment, and sensible prices are what we offer at our medical facility in Kuta, Bali. We believe that first-class treatment should be accessible for everybody.

Gift Yourself the Best Fillers Bali Can Offer

Choosing the right type of fillers for your lips is one of the most important steps in your lip augmentation process since it will determine what your healing time will be, how soon you will need to reapply the filler and last but not least, what the overall final result will be.

For your fillers Bali lip enhancement procedures, we offer four types of dermal fillers:

  • Restylane® commonly used for the facial area will make your lips fuller, smoother and more defined. The visible results of the treatment can last up to 12 months but generally, it is recommended to repeat the procedure after 6 to 12 months, depending on your individual characteristics. Restylane® is administered by a small injection and to avoid any pain, an anesthetic cream is applied to the treated area.
  • Juvederm® is a dermal filler that is smoother than most dermal fillers and imitates the lifting effect of your skin’s natural hyaluronic acid keeping it hydrated and elastic. ARC clinic offers three types of this filler of which Juvéderm® Ultra is the one most used for lip fillers. Its effects last 8 -10 months and follow-up treatment is needed afterward.
  • Teosyal® is 100% hyaluronic acid-based filler which has hydrating qualities that will boost your skin tone and assist in the prevention of new wrinkles and lines and will shape your lips to look much fuller. After the application of Teosyal®, your lips will look smoother and will have a better definition. It is administered by a small injection and in general, follow-up treatment is needed after six to twelve months. The results are immediately visible and can last up to twelve months, depending on the individual.
  • Aquamid® is the latest innovation for the treatment of wrinkles, ‘smile lines’, furrows and scars on the face as well as lip augmentation. It is a new generation injection that has one major advantage compared to all the other fillers above – it lasts at least seven years after the first application. Aquamid® is given by subcutaneous (under the skin) injection and the results are instantaneous. The whole treatment takes between 15 to 30 minutes depending on the treated area. Our doctors apply a local anesthetic to avoid any discomfort or pain during the procedure. As a result of the treatment your lips are more defined while your movements are absolutely natural since Aquamid® is a gel-like substance that sticks to the underlying tissue, doesn’t move but is elastic so that it can follow the natural mimicking of your face.

We are proud to offer the best lip fillers Bali has to offer. It’s worth noting that all of the above dermal fillers applied by the physicians at ARC clinics are suitable for treatment of other facial areas, especially for wrinkles and deeper furrows and can be used on mature skin as well.

We stick to this motto in all of the services that we offer – from applying lip fillers to plastic surgery procedures.

Choose ARC Anti-Aging Beauty Clinics for Your Lip Fillers Bali Procedure

Established back in 2002, we at ARC Anti-aging Beauty Clinics are at the forefront of medical tourism and our clinics are the leading anti-aging facility in Indonesia. Our doctors use only the highest quality fillers to secure the safest treatment applied to your face and lips.

ARC offers a full range of cosmetic and anti-aging procedures using only internationally medically approved products and technology. Our doctors are internationally trained and all speak English. Our team of nurses assists the expert doctors in providing the best treatment for each of our valued patients while maintaining high standards and immaculate hygiene. We provide detailed information to all our patients so that they have realistic expectations. As we want you to be delighted with the final results, we are ready to go that extra mile to meet your needs and personal requirements.

Here at ARC, we guarantee that your lip fillers Bali treatment will be a professional, quality and pleasant experience that you will wholeheartedly recommend to all your friends.

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