Beautician Facials

Osmosis Medi-Infusion Facial

New at ARC is the luxurious and revolutionary Osmosis Medi-Infusion Facial. This facial has the benefits of a medical procedure and will have you rethinking the “peel”.

This fabulous treatment contains 2.5% of Retinaldehyde (the highest amount available in the market) and is the only non-acid peel that infuses the dermis with fibroblast stimulators, immune boosters, antioxidants, pigment lighteners, and calming anti-inflammatory ingredients.

Osmosis Medi-Infusion Facial is unique because it generates a 30-day collagen production increase and avoids damaging the epidermis by penetrating several high-dose active ingredients into the dermis through Liposome Delivery Technology.

At ARC we utilise a dermapen with this treatment to maximize Vitamin A infusion into the dermis of the skin.

Pamper yourself with the Osmosis Medi-Infusion Facial and see the significant transformation on your skin!

Back Facial

Back facials are beneficial for the hard to reach back area targeting a variety of skin care needs such as clogged pores, back acne and dehydrated skin. This treatment mimics the techniques of a traditional facial incorporating deep cleansing, extractions and purifying masks. The only difference is that the skin products used are formulated specifically for the skin on your back, which is much tougher than the delicate skin on your face. Products used for this treatment are by La Rose Blanche™ (France).

Men’s Refreshing Facial

Men’s facial skin secrete more oil than women’s do, making it more prone to blackheads and blocked pores. This refreshing facial uses La Rose Blanche™ products from France which remove impurities by unclogging and shrinking the pores of the skin. “Silky Touch” mask improves blood circulation by assisting oxygen to penetrate the skin cells leaving the skin clearer, healthier and rejuvenated.

La Rose Blanche™ Detox Facial

This detoxifying and hydrating treatment removes impurities caused by pollution and cosmetics. Your skin is nourished and rejuvenated. “Magic Drop” serum, made of flax seeds and licorice, contains powerful anti-oxidant and anti-irritant properties that naturally regulate the excretion of sebum. With the combination of La Rose Blanche™ Silky Touch mask, the penetration of oxygen to the skin cells is maximized leaving your complexion with a vibrant youthful glow.

Oxygen Organic Facial

This nourishing treatment uses pure oxygen and Oxygen Organic products from Canada, containing pure suspended oxygen and is enriched with vitamins, enzymes and plant extracts. Clinically proven to regenerate your DNA, Oxygen Organic skin care products use Time Release technology to deliver the nutrients to skin tissue. This treatment brightens, tightens and rejuvenates the skin.

Microdermabrasion Oxygen Therapy Facial

Our most popular facial, this treatment combines micro crystals exfoliation with oxygen-infused serum to stimulate collagen production and skin regeneration. Effectively removes dead skin cells and refines skin texture revealing clearer, smoother skin.

Aftercare Tips