Choosing A Bali Cosmetic Clinic

The Growth Of Medical Tourism

Medical tourism is a trend that’s been growing over the years. According to a report by VISA, the medical tourism industry is currently a multi-billion dollar industry and is expected to grow by as much as 25% per year over the next 10 years. The report also discovered that around 11 million individuals travel abroad each year in search of medical treatments.

While many factors were found to be responsible for this phenomenal growth, including affordability, the establishment of medical treatment facilities, especially cosmetic clinics, in exotic tourist destinations around the world, allows people to combine their desired cosmetic treatment with a much needed holiday.

ARC Anti-Aging Beauty Clinic is a pioneer of medical tourism in Bali, having opened our first clinic back in 2002,. Our Australian owned and managed 1000m2 purpose-designed and the state-of-the-art medical facility is a convenient twenty-minute drive from Bali International airport and the trendy Seminyak tourist area known for its fashion boutiques, restaurants and beaches. .

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Get Help Planning Your Bali Cosmetic Holiday

Travel to Bali, a popular tourist destination famous for its natural scenery, Hindu culture, beautiful beaches, volcanic mountains, great food, temples, and warm hospitable people is much more affordable than a budget trip around Europe or travel within Australian even with factoring in the cost of flights, accommodation and transportation.

With Bali cosmetic treatments often costing 20% less than the equitant procedures in Australia and Europe, and the affordability of Bali travel, it makes sense for many people to travel abroad to achieve their desired new looks.

So why not combine your cosmetic treatments with a relaxing and enjoyable holiday?

At ARC Anti-Aging Beauty Clinic, having been in business on the island for over 15 years we’ve served a lot of customers who combine their holidays in Bali with cosmetic treatments at our clinic. Many are repeat customers or newly referred customers from our many happy clients who come from all over the world to have their cosmetic treatments with us. We at ARC Beauty Clinic are always here to provide you with all the necessary information you need to help you make your informed decision about which procedures are right for you

What Bali Cosmetic Treatments Do We Offer?

At ARC Anti-Aging Beauty clinic we provide a wide range of Bali cosmetic treatments using the best-imported products from Europe and the USA that are FDA (USA), UE (Europe) and TGA (Australia) approved.

We are proud to say that our professional Bali cosmetic clinic provides more Botox®Human Growth Hormone and long-life Dermal fillers than any other medical outlet in Indonesia. In addition to these popular procedures, below is a list of a few other cosmetic treatments we offer to our valued customers here in Bali;

Treatments for men:

Whether you’re in need of some Laser Hair Removal, or wanting to improve your libido and a general sense of well-being, we at ARC Anti-Aging Beauty Clinic are ready to serve you with our expert and professional staff using the best quality products, technology and equipment.

What Your Can Expect From An ARC Bali Cosmetic Clinic Experience

Here at ARC Anti-Aging Beauty Clinic, we are specialists and experts in non-surgical, non-invasive proven procedures that are delivered with professionalism, leading edge technology and hygiene, administered with unbeatable safety and comfort.

The majority of our cosmetic treatment procedures are painless and can be completed within a short duration of time. Because you won’t experience any down time following your procedure, you can get back to your holiday and resume normal activities immediately.

Because our prices are very affordable, being just one third or half of what similar treatments cost in Singapore, Australia and most European countries you can spend the money you save from your procedure on more fun and adventures in Bali

To get the best results from your Bali cosmetic clinic treatment, we provide all our customers with treatment specific after care tips.

Our team of experienced, fully qualified and licensed cosmetic doctors and nurses are always available to provide honest, clear and accurate information so you know exactly what to expect from your treatment and will happily answer all your questions and concerns should you have any.

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