Finally, Affordable Laser Hair Removal in Bali

Hair removal shouldn’t be expensive. Our laser hair removal in Bali makes getting rid of unwanted hair much more affordable, giving you the opportunity to get the smooth skin you’ve always wanted.

At ARC Anti-Aging and Beauty Clinic, we use two kinds of laser treatment for hair removal: IPL and AFT. Both treatments are state-of-the-art procedures that promise to give you glowing, hair-free skin.

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IPL In Bali

IPL stands for intense pulsed light. IPL works by targeting the hair follicle from which a hair grows and stopping it from working with light.

Each of our hair follicles contains a chemical called melanin – the pigment that’s responsible for giving our skin colour and protecting it from the damaging effects of the sun.

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Melanin works by converting light energy from the sun into harmless heat energy dissipated to the surrounding tissue. Melanin takes the energy out of UV rays and transforms it into something that won’t damage your DNA, protecting you from sun damage and cancer.

IPL takes this feature of melanin and uses it to your advantage. Intense pulsed light targets the melanin in hair follicles. The melanin absorbs the light energy and converts it into heat. This heat then damages the hair follicle, preventing it from creating more hair in the future.

IPL in Bali only works, however, on hair follicles that are actively producing hair. The majority of your hair follicles are not active at any given time, meaning that you may have to repeat IPL treatment over several different sessions.

If you’re interested in laser hair removal price in Bali, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the value-for-money you get at ARC Anti-Aging And Beauty Clinic. Our affordable laser hair removal treatment allows you to finally get rid of hair that you don’t want on particular parts of the body.

Where Can You Have Hair Removed With IPL Treatment?

You can use IPL treatment to have hair removed from any part of your body. IPL treatment is one of the best hair removal procedures available to safely remove unwanted hair.


Many people do not want hair growing on their face. IPL removes hair from the chin, cheeks and between the eyebrows.


Laser hair removal in Bali removes unwanted hair from the neck.

Chest And Arms

Many people do not want chest or arm hair. IPL can remove both fine and thick hairs from both these regions.


Say goodbye to daily shaving and razor expense: IPL treatment from ARC Clinic removes underarm hair for good.

Bikini Lines

Wear your bikini with confidence with our IPL for bikini lines


Remove unwanted pubic hair and feel more confident about your body.

How Many Treatments With IPL Do You Need?

IPL is an affordable laser hair removal treatment. Most people need around five to six sessions, four weeks apart, to remove all of their unwanted hair and stop it from growing back. Spreading the sessions out over a more extended period allows IPL to target more active follicles, preventing patches of hair from regrowing in the future.

What Do You Need To Do Before The Treatment?

You need to shave the area two days before you get IPL treatment. This will help ensure that hairs are actively growing.

AFT Hair Removal

AFT hair removal is another type of light-based technology. AFT stands for advanced fluorescence technology and is widely regarded as the best hair removal option available today.

AFT works similarly to IPL. We focus a beam of light at the hair follicle, heating the melanin and permanently inactivating hair growth. The main benefit of AFT beauty treatments is that the light shines on follicles with near-perfect consistency. This consistency makes it easy to repeat the process and ensures that the procedure is safe.

Anyone Can Benefit From AFT Treatment

One of the great things about AFT treatment is that fact that it can benefit practically anyone. Both men and women, people with dark and fair skin, and old and young have all undergone therapy at ARC Clinic with successful results.

If you’re worried about the AFT laser hair removal price in Bali, then we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. AFT hair removal represents excellent value-for-money.

Where Can You Get Hair Removed With AFT Laser Therapy?

Thanks to low laser hair removal cost, AFT therapy is one of the most affordable beauty treatments. You can apply AFT to all of the same parts of the body as IPL, including sensitive areas.

You can use AFT laser therapy to remove unwanted hairs from the face, neck, back, chest legs. You can also use it for a Brazilian, Manzilian, or your bikini line.

How Long Does The Treatment Take?

AFT Laser treatment for hair removal takes between five to six treatments to complete successfully. You’ll need to get procedures done on a three- to five-week intervals.

How Do You Prepare For AFT Treatment?

Preparing for AFT treatment is easy. All you need to do is shave the area two to three days prior. Do not pluck or wax as these hair-removal procedures remove the hair from the follicle, preventing AFT treatment from working. Remember, AFT relies on the presence of melanin in the hair to destroy the hair-producing cells surrounding the hair follicle.

Laser Hair Removal After Care

Thanks to low laser hair removal cost, many more people are electing to use this kind of procedure. But what happens once you’ve had laser hair removal?

First, you may experience a little redness around the site of hair removal. This is completely normal and part of your body’s natural response to the treatment.

For 24 hours after treatment, you’ll want to avoid swimming.

We recommend that you use SPF 15 or higher while out in the sun and do not expose the hair removal area for up to seven days following the procedure. Ideally, use SPF 35-plus.

Finally, we strongly recommend you avoid any harsh chemical treatments on the affected area during the treatment period. For more information, see our aftercare page on our website.