Getting Laser Hair Removal in Bali Could Change Your Life

Laser hair removal is often seen as an expensive, painful and time-consuming cosmetic procedure. Thankfully, those concerns are far from the truth and the reality is that getting laser hair removal in Bali could be a completely life-changing event. Not only is ARC Beauty Clinic an expert in painless hair removal, but we’re also the most competitively-priced Bali beauty clinic you’ll find and arguably the best hair removal clinic in Bali.

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IPL Hair Removal Clinic in Bali

One of the most painless ways to removal hair all over your body is to seek an IPL hair removal service. Our Bali hair removal clinic specialises in this procedure and has internationally-trained doctors ready to consult you and carry out the treatment.

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What is IPL Hair Removal?

Also known as Intense Pulsed Light hair removal, IPL hair removal is the relatively painless way to remove hair on the body. Regardless if you want to remove facial hair, neck hair or clean up your bikini lines, this option is fantastic for both men and women and at our Bali beauty clinic, it’s also an incredibly affordable procedure.

IPL is one of the safest and fastest light-based technologies that can be used for controlled hair removal. It works by firing pulses of light that penetrate the upper layer of skin. This is absorbed by melanin, a natural chemical found in the body which is contained in the hair follicle. The melanin in our body then converts the light energy into pure heat which is then transferred directly to the follicle. This effectively destroys the hair, making it unable to produce new hairs in the future. This makes IPL the most effective laser treatment for hair removal.

However, IPL hair removal only works on growing hairs. This is because the hair needs to be attached to the follicle in order for the heated melanin to destroy the hair. This means that several treatments are needed because our hair is usually in a resting phase which is detached from the follicle. In most cases, around five to six treatments are necessary for full IPL hair removal. Each treatment should ideally be around a month apart and you’ll be required to shave your hair two days before treatment for maximum effect.

The most common areas that we perform laser treatment for hair removal are:

  • On the bikini line
  • Underarm areas
  • On the neck
  • Around sensitive facial areas
  • On the chest and back

If you’re looking for the best hair removal clinic in Bali then ARC Beauty Clinic is the ideal choice regardless of where you live. With our internationally-trained doctors and affordable prices that could save you up to a third on all cosmetic procedures, we make sure that all of our prospective clients have the means to access our world-class cosmetic surgery procedures. Our vision is to provide everyone with professional services at a realistic cost. We believe that everyone should have access to cutting-edge laser hair removal in Bali without needing to break the bank.

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IPL in Bali with Arc Beauty Clinic

IPL hair removal may be quite a mystery to our clients, so we hope to demystify the process and help you understand how our hair removal clinic in Bali approaches IPL procedures.

Benefits of IPL Over the Alternatives

IPL hair removal offers a far more permanent solution. As long as you return for more appointments in the future to target growing hairs, you’ll find that you get near-permanent hair removal results with IPL compared to other methods.

What Takes Place During an IPL Treatment?

IPL treatments are painless and very fast. After a consultation, you’ll be asked to lie back and relax. We’ll apply a cooling gel to your skin to keep the area cool as we go over the area with our laser tool. Most full-body treatments will take under an hour and you can leave immediately once the procedure has concluded. It’s non-invasive, it’s quick and it doesn’t leave any marks.

Am I Suitable For IPL Hair Removal?

Anyone is suitable for IPL hair removal regardless of gender or race. However, any complications due to your personal circumstances will be discussed at your consultation. Before you seek out our laser hair removal in Bali, make sure you contact us to schedule a consultation first.

Removing Hair Between IPL Appointments

Although IPL is very effective at removing hair permanently, it does require you to spread out appointments for maximum effectiveness. In-between your appointments, you should stick to simply shaving any unwanted hair and not waxing. Waxing can affect growth cycles and negatively affect your IPL laser hair removal treatments.

Treating Your Skin After IPL in Bali

You may feel that your skin can be irritated after an IPL treatment. Although your assigned doctor will help you solve any problematic issues on the day, we recommend that you use plain aloe vera gel to moisturize and soothe areas should they become irritated when you return home. Avoid taking a hot bath or shower and avoid swimming pools until a few days after the treatment.

About ARC Beauty Clinic

If you’re considering IPL in Bali then get in touch with us at ARC Beauty Clinic. With our dedicated staff that have been expertly trained overseas and our regulated modern equipment, we’re confident that we can provide you with world-class service for permanent hair removal.

We’re always looking to improve our processes, always pushing to utilise the latest cosmetic procedure advancements and technologies to provide our clients with impeccable service. We only use technologies and products from safe sources in Europe and the USA and we make sure our machines are internationally-standardized and patented.

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