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Everything You Need to Know About Fruit Acid Peel Treatment
May 18, 2020

Everything You Need to Know About Fruit Acid Peel Treatment

If your skin is starting to look dull, tired, and patchy, it’s time to make things right. While there are many different skin treatments out there, fruit acid peel treatment is a failsafe option for many issues like sunspots, melasma, and acne and as an anti-aging treatment.

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What Is Fruit Acid Peel Treatment?

Before we look into how the treatment works, we’ll take a glance at the active agent responsible for healing your skin.

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What Is Fruit Acid?

Fruit acid peel, commonly also known as glycolic acid is an alpha-hydroxy acid. It is extracted from fruits, sugar cane, and even beets. This very mild acid has the power to gently exfoliate your skin by dissolving the bonds between the cells in the top layer of your skin.

People use this fruit acid to treat scars, acne, melisma, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and more.

How Does Fruit Peel for Face Work?

With any skin peel, the primary purpose is to exfoliate your skin. While there are specific low-concentration formulas designed for home peels, you will get the best results if you get the job done professionally. Dermatologists usually start with a low concentration of glycolic acid to see how much your skin can take and gradually increase the percentage.

If you’re getting a professional fruit acid peel, note that the fruit acid concentration will be higher than home mixes, which translates into better results on your skin. Also, keep in mind that you can’t use these higher concentrations at home since a single misstep can negatively impact your skin.

How Does Fruit Acid Peel Treat Fine Lines & Other Skin Problems?

Here are some of the ways glycolic acid peel treats the skin:

  • The fruit acid extracts water molecules in the air and transmits them into your skin and hydrates it at a deeper level.
  • It also boosts collagen production, which is the protein produced by the skin to keep it firm and strong- this takes care of fine lines and reduces the signs of aging. Fruit acid peels are suitable as an anti-aging treatment.
  • It sloughs off dead skin cells leaving your skin soft, refreshed, and brighter.

What Are the Benefits of a Fruit Peel for Face?

Apart from exfoliating your skin, glycolic acid peels have the power to transform your skin texture and overall appearance. Fruit peel for face treatment leaves your skin with a healthy glow, reduces the presence of fine lines (and signs of aging), and also minimizes the size of your pores. It also makes it easier for any medical beauty products in your skincare routine to penetrate the skin and be effective.

Is a Fruit Acid Peel Harmful?

If performed improperly, acid peels can cause inflammation, scarring and redness and irritation. Unprofessional Fruit acid peel treatment can only lead to harmful side effects like raw, itchy skin if your skin is overly sensitive, and the concentration of glycolic acid has not been tested on your skin. The right dermatologists will start with a low concentration, gauge how your skin reacts, and increase the dosage over time to avoid any ugly situations.

Before you book your appointment, your dermatologist will assess the condition of your skin to see if it’s ready for treatment or not. If your skin is sunburned, has an infection, or is highly susceptible to cold sores, they won’t go forward with the treatment. If you’re using strong topical acne medication or other skin medication, you may need to stop using it, wait for a short period and then get the professional fruit acid peel.

The Difference Between a Fruit Acid Peel & a Chemical Peel

Glycolic acid peels are not the same as other chemical peels. For starters, they’re less harsh on the skin and have a very low chance of causing redness. While different chemical peels usually tackle a few skin issues, fruit acid peels are a holistic treatment for everything, from fine lines to eczema, acne or other issues like rosacea. A chemical peel for acne scars won’t necessarily help with other problems like fine lines and hyperpigmentation. There is also a different chemical peel for hyperpigmentation, but the best chemical peel for wrinkles and all these other problems is the one using fruit acid.

The treatment also usually costs less than others, and you can go out right after the treatment without the fear of showing redness or other signs of the procedure. You can return to your regular skin routine immediately after including applying makeup.

Why Choose Our Bali Beauty Clinic?

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This fruit peel treatment is an all-in-one solution and suffices as a chemical peel for acne scars, chemical peel for hyperpigmentation, and the best chemical peel for wrinkles.


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