AFT™ Painless Hair Removal

Advanced Flourescence Technology (AFT™) is the next generation of Intense Pulsed Light. Its systems release precisely controlled strong pulses of filtered light that are absorbed by melanin (the pigment in hair). The melanin in the hair absorb the light, heats the hair shaft and destroys the cells in the hair follicle responsible for hair growth. The result: safe, quick and effective hair removal that lasts with no pain.

Is it safe?

AFT™ delivers Equally Distributed Fluence, which means that every pulse has uniform energy density across the entire output face. This fluence ensures repeatable results and is remarkably safe, yielding a more efficient system for less discomfort and minimal skin damage.

Who can be treated?

Men, women and children of all skin colours have been successfully treated. For best results, AFT™ hair removal treatments are customized according to skin colour, texture and body site. AFT™ pulsed light technology does not work with blonde or white coloured hair.

Which areas can be treated?

AFT™ Painless Hair Removal is effective for:

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Legs
  • Chest
  • Back
  • Under arm
  • Bikini lines
  • Brazilian
  • Manzilian

How many treatments are required?

Most hair follicles go through a period of dormancy (resting phase) and growth. As AFT™ pulsed light only affects hair follicles that are actively producing hair at the time of the procedure, multiple treatments are necessary. Typically, 5 – 6 treatments are needed at intervals of 3 – 5 weeks. The area to be treated must be shaved (not plucked or waxed) 3 days before treatment.

Aftercare Tips